This website has been set up in a way that is informative and appealing.  We will like for you to return to it on a regular basis.  Here at Mott Hall High School we are pleased to share with you our activities, events, and achievements.  The Mott Hall Community is happy to share its growth and successes in the past few years.


Please take the time to explore our school’s website and enjoy the great things that our school has to offer as we continue our academic path toward becoming lifelong learners and independent thinkers. 


Together as a community we encourage you to check with your child’s guidance counselor, social worker, deans, teachers, and administrators to discuss and develop plan of action for college and career readiness.


On behalf of the entire Mott Hall Community, we look forward to developing and strengthening our relationship.



Grace Villalona


Mott Hall High School graduates will be independent and inquisitive young adults on the path to being lifelong learners.  Learning at Mott Hall High School infuses the use of technology into all aspects of academics.  We promote equity by providing students with the individual attention they need in order to thrive.  In a family like atmosphere, one that is caring and firm, students are challenged by a rigorous academic program designed to provide students with the knowledge base, attitudes, and competencies they need to pursue higher learning.  Mott Hall High School develops leaders through the fostering of independent, self-reliant, learning habits.  Students are nurtured and enriched by activities that address their development from adolescence to young adulthood. The staff at Mott Hall High School not only encourages critical thinking, but also self-discipline and responsibility.


Mott Hall High School is dedicated to the academic and personal development of students who will become lifelong learners and our future leaders.  We promote equity by challenging our students to question, expand their thinking, and solve problems.  Students are to assume personal responsibility for their learning and to emerge as lifelong learners and independent thinkers that are motivated by the pursuit of academic excellence, cultural experience and social responsibility.  

Today's Scholars - Tomorrow's Leaders