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Prospective Students

Mott Hall High School participates in the Computer Science for All initiative (CS4All). According to the Department of Education, "Computer Science for All (CS4All) will ensure all NYC public school students learn computer science, with an emphasis on female, black, and Latino students. Through our work, students will be better prepared to utilize computer science during their K-12 experience and after graduation."


In our classrooms, students will be

  • Working together to solve problems

  • Writing code and adapting existing code to their own projects

  • Working with teachers and peers to troubleshoot code

  • Building physical prototypes as part of the design process

  • Participating in unplugged activities (that do not use technology), to introduce them to CS fundamentals



At Mott Hall High School, we strive to ensure that every student will have real skills, a strong plan, and a head start on post-secondary pathways by graduation. By participating in the CS4All initiative, every Mott Hall High School student will take at least one Computer Science class to ensure they are equipped with the 21-st century skills needed to be successful after high school. 

Apply to Mott Hall High School


During the High School Application period, select program M49X to apply to Mott Hall High School 


Get Matched

You'll receive your high school results in the Spring


Transfer to Mott Hall High School

Call Mott Hall High School

Contact our School Counselor and find out if there is a seat available for your grade


Contact the Family Welcome Center

If a seat is available, contact the Family Welcome Center at 212-342-8301 or and inform them you want to transfer your child to Mott Hall


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