Parent Teacher Conferences

Questions to Ask


Here are some questions that may help you have a productive conversation with the teacher:

  • What is my child expected to learn, know, and do at this grade level?

  • What does my child do well, and what does my child struggle with? Can you give me examples?

  • How do you know when my child is making progress and when they need additional help?

  • What are you doing to support and motivate my child?

  • How do you challenge my child when they are already doing well at something?

  • What does my child get excited about learning?

  • What can I do at home to support my child?

  • Are there programs or services in the community that could also help my child?

  • Are there times when my child is more or less engaged?

  • Has my child made friends?

  • How does my child get along with classmates and adults?

  • Does my child participate in class discussions and group activities?

Translation and Interpretation Services

Translation and interpretation services are available at parent teacher conferences and throughout the year. Contact us at 212.694.6020 to request these services.



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