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Program Description

Welcome to the Social Studies Department!

The Social Studies department teaches the full range of required courses in Global History, United States History, Participation in Government, and Economics which is culturally responsive, inclusive and engages all students in having an awareness of different cultures and communities that is meaningful when learning historical content. 


Global History

In Grades 9 and 10 Social Studies, students will examine Global History and Geography. This two-year sequence is arranged chronologically beginning with the Paleolithic Era, with historical concepts woven throughout the course including industrialization, nationalism, imperialism, conflict, technology, environment and the interconnectedness of present-day societies.

US History

Grade 11 begins with the colonial and constitutional foundations of the United States and explores the government structure and functions written in the Constitution. The development of the nation and the political, social, and economic factors that led to the challenges our nation faced in the Civil War are addressed. This course also examines industrialization, urbanization, along with America’s emergence as a world super power, the two world wars of the 20th century, and the Cold War with Russia. Students explore the expansion of the federal government, the threat of terrorism, and the place of the United States in an increasingly globalized and interconnected world.


Participation in Government

This course provides seniors with various opportunities to become engaged in the political process by acquiring the knowledge and practicing the skills necessary for active civic engagement. The course content specifications are flexible this allows the course to be flexible and adapt to present local, national, and global circumstances.  This course also allows teachers flexibility of current events to illuminate key ideas and conceptual understandings. Participation in government is fundamental to the success of American democracy and our understanding of politics.


This economics course examines the principles of the United States free market economy in a global context. Seniors will examine their individual responsibility for managing their personal finances. They will analyze the role of supply and demand in determining the prices individuals and businesses face in the product and factor markets, and the global nature of these markets. They will study changes to the workforce in the United States, and the role of entrepreneurs in our economy, as well as the effects of globalization. Furthermore, more though this course seniors will explore the challenges facing the United States free market economy in a global environment and various policy-making opportunities available to government to address these challenges to understand their role in the economy.



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