Athletics at Mott Hall High School

The athletic program at Mott Hall High School is a very important part of the educational process.  Athletics offer a positive and meaningful experience to those that participate.  As part of the Percy E. Sutton campus, MHHS play under the banner of the Sutton Spartans.   

The Athletics Department offers varsity sports for all students.  Students that are part of a team here at Mott Hall High School make a commitment to themselves, their teammates, and to the athletics program to follow the expectations of being an athlete.

Girls Varsity Sports

Boys Varsity Sports

Co-Ed Varsity Sports



Student Clubs at Mott Hall High School

Clubs provide a space where our students can develop their leadership skills, work with their peers, and expand their thinking all while delving into their interests.  Explore an interest or discover a new passion or hobby in one of our clubs!

Anime and Animation

GSA Safe Spaces

Knitting and Crocheting 

Lovely Roots (Natural Hair)